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I am beginning to realise that some people of African origin still have the slave mentality of holding some folks of other origins or races in extremely high and superior esteem – far above and beyond that which they hold for people of their own race.
Some folks will fight tooth and nail to defend the honour and reputation of folks of other races or origin when certain utterances or actions are attributed to them. They still have it in their subconscious that a White person can do no wrong, say no wrong and not be wrong.
They subconsciously hold the opinion that every single person of the other races are kind and good hearted and sweet natured and are exceedingly accommodating to people of other races and they will go out of their way to try and prove that.
Suprisingly, this class of Africans will believe every single word – ridiculous, evil, inappropriate, false, blasphemous, inaccurate, arrogant and even unsubstantiated word that has been attributed to a fellow Black person. Such folks don’t see anything good in being Black or coming from the Black race.
They join their voices to those of other races in condemning their own race and justifying the contempt their White friends have for their own people.
They will shout down and denounce the 50 Cents or Kanye Wests or Obamas or Buharis or even the Patience Jonathans of the world but cry out loudly in defence of folks like Sarah Palin or Michael Kors or Tommy Hilfiger or even Donald Trump – and tell you to not believe everything you read about them in the papers or online!
These folks that I like to call ‘African Coconut” even though they are born with African skin, passionately hate being African and other Africans.

Unfortunately for them, this does not make them any more acceptable to the folks of the other races than any other person with a black skin.
You might prefer them to your own people but it doesn’t automatically make you one of them.

And when you stand up and publicly repeat the derogatory things that people of other races say about your race, you are telling them they are right to have such opinions of your people and you encourage them to say even more. And rather than encourage them to change their mindset, what you will end up empowering them to do is say” One of their own is saying  the same as we are , so we must be right”

When we can fully learn to love and accept and fight for and appreciate ourselves and our own, only then will the others come to respect, accept and appreciate us.

Baroness J
September 2015

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