Why, oh why do we get ourselves involved in situations or entangled with people that are simply not worth the shoelace on our very old running shoes?
Why do we waste our precious time, sweat and efforts on people who tolerate us or treat us like we are are easily replaceable?

Why do we relentlessly continue in fighting battles that have already been lost, refusing to give in and accept defeat even when it is sitting on our lap and smacking us right in the face. Like flogging a dead horse hoping it will get back on to his feet and start galloping again.

It’s quite ok to keep fighting for causes we believe in and not giving up till we see results but surely the time will come when even a blind fool will see the futility of spending any more effort and admit that that particular battle is a lost cause.

We must never forget that it takes 2 to tango. What you are fighting for must also want to be won.

I believe in not giving up the fight and not giving up on what you believe in but really, there is a just cause and there is a lost cause.

And when we stick stubbornly to these useless fights, we expose ourselves to more hurt, tears, heartbreak, disappointments and eventual sorrow.

There are just some things we will never be able to change…
And some things that are just not meant to be.

May God give us the grace to accept them.



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