I recently posted on my Facebook wall, a lady’s before/after pictures with a satirical comment to highlight the power of Modern Makeup with its ability, if properly applied, to hide a multitude of sins.

The pictures in question were of a lady taken by her Make Up Artist, with the “before” one showing her face with very heavy scarring and blemishes obviously caused by prolonged use of bleaching products and which she also very obviously, happily & willingly posed for.

But it has been gently pointed out to me that the use of the pictures on Social media is making the woman an object of ridicule and could be causing her depression.

While I am not too obstinate to disagree with the observation, or too unfeeling to choose to remove the pictures from my wall, I must say that at the end of the day we must all take responsibility for images of us that make their way onto social media including NUDE PICTURES!!!!

This should be a lesson for us all. Pictures posed for can appear anywhere on or off the internet at anytime…..and can be used for any purpose by anybody..

So please make sure pictures you pose for are those you can be proud of, and will not cause you depression, embarrassment, anxiety or suicidal thoughts.

And even if someone circulating your pornographic images is prosecuted by the law, will it make up for your shame and embarrassment of knowing the whole world has seen your blemishes…or nakedness…?

Just think about it.





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