Do you know that sometimes for God to carry out some maintenance work in our lives, we may have to go through what I call “stripping”?
We may have to be stripped of some things we have been holding on to dearly and have them taken away in order for bigger and greater things to be placed in our hands. This process can never be easy as we know how we humans can become attached to possessions and things we hold great sentimental value for.

Sometimes this process might even involve pain, tears and temporary sorrow but greater things will not be able to find their rightful place in our lives if we don’t first let go of the ones we need to.

Often when I think of Father Job I shiver with fear and terror but the truth of the matter is that some of us might actually experience something close to a Job Experience in our lifetime. We may have to suffer some kind of loss or even series of losses or encounter some form of misfortune or hardship. But these might actually be part of a divine plan to usher us into greater destiny.

I have had chats with folks who suffered inexplicable hardship and loses but soon after got restored and resettled and are doing far better than how they first started out. Ironically we won’t see things that way when we are being stripped and some may even question God or give up and lose their faith.

But how glorious is the joy of those of continue to hold on and trust God even in spite of the suffering they might be going through when their situations are turned around and things suddenly change for them.
May Abba Father strengthen us during the days of adversary so that our faith does not fail and may the enemy not take more than what he is allowed to take from us.

May the glory of our latter days far outweigh and surpass that of our former days in Jesus name.


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