The UK Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED) wants to penalize schools where the face veil is worn. They claim that the veil poses a great barrier to learning in the classroom, effective teaching, communication and social interaction.

The Prime Minister David Cameron and the Education Secretary of State have both thrown their weight of support behind schools and other public institutions who insist on the removal of the face covering when they feel it makes sense to do so.

Personally I think and believe that the face veil should be banned from all public places.
Watching a news program tackling the issue this morning a panellist asked “would you allow some students to wear the balaclava to school” to which the muslim commentator responded “unlike the balaclava, the veil is a religious item of clothing”….and she is not wrong.

In that case we should also look at the fact that basically in the UK, religion and all religious activities have more or less been separated from the state and in consequence from schools as well. Therefore everything that comes under religious activities including clothing should also be taken out of public places such as schools and offices and their use confined to places of worship.

The UK is a multicultural and multi faith (Christians, Hare Khrisna, Buddhists, Satanists, Nudists, etc) nation. If everyone decided to come to work in their religious and cultural apparel, how will anyone focus on work – especially the Nudists!
Government cannot continue to accord preferential treatment to one group over others.

And a group that constantly moans about being excluded must remove everything that encourages their exclusion by discarding anything that sets them apart from the general populace or enforces undue attention and focus on them.

Until that happens, the hard truth is that those who insist on wearing veils in public, do so to seclude themselves from the public and to set themselves apart from everybody else. There is nothing as alienating as someone in front of you whose face or other features you cannot see except their eyes! And to many people in the Western world who do not understand or see the need for this practice it is seen more as hostility.

And many in this part of the world struggle to accept this practice particularly when the Western ways of dressing is frowned upon and even punished in many Muslim countries.

And as long as this continues, veil wearers in this country, will undoubtedly continue to face constant criticism and other kinds of attack.

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