Too often we see ourselves as offerings that have to be offered easily and cheaply on a diamond encrusted golden platter.
We give up ourselves too easily to takers without letting them discover our worth and value. This is something that even I have been guilty of in the past. And this doesn’t just happen in the romantic stakes alone.

It’s like we go about crying “I’m here! Please take me, please, look at me ”
We allow emotional and social pains rather than our own personal worth to determine how we are valued.
Issues like loneliness, poverty, desperation, lust, fear, haste, insecurity, impatience, and all other such issues, can cause us to reach and grab the first opportunities offered to us – even when they are very obviously below our standards and quite blatantly not what we deserve.



Loneliness or even lust will make us rush into a relationship with someone who is ten times below our standard in every ramification and on every level including mindset, attitudes and intelligence.
Desperation will cause us to grab a job that is only fit for our grand-child or someone that we ourselves could have taught in school.
Haste and impatience is usually the reason behind certain life changing moves we make like relocating abroad, leaving a relationship, changing careers, or even leaving a church we’ve been attending.
These moves often occur because something we truly desire and deserve is not happening within the time limit that we set and as a result we get impatient and move on to the next best or second best option.
Many people have ruined their own lives because of impatience, lust, desperation and loneliness.

Many are locked in the bondage of marriage to the most unsuitable spouse because they rushed in and accepted the hand of the only available suitor.

Others that are Masters Degree holders desperate for a job, grab with uttermost gratitude a job that is only fit for a secondary school graduate; and then spend all their days moaning and complaining about their shitty job and even shittier pay.

Others rush out of a marriage or relationship at the very first sign of trouble forgetting that marriage is not a bed of roses and each partner has to play their part and learn to be tolerant, understanding and patient.

Unfortunately when you have made a wrong turn, getting back on the right track is often hard and painful and many find the process of correcting past mistakes long and arduous.
What we have usually is people who forever seem to be searching for others who will simple take them on at any price.

These folks constantly put themselves out on the shelf for show and parade themselves like skinny, undernourished and unhealthy looking models on a catwalk where others peruse, examine, criticise and pass all kinds of comments and judgments on them – often nasty, scatty and unkind. And most often these are all followed by earth shattering rejection.

But when we learn to love, appreciate, rate and value ourselves,  we will attract the highest bidders with very little or no effort. Takers and bidders will come to us and seek us out. We, will not have to advertise ourselves or seek the attention of others.

When we have spent money, time and loads of efforts in developing ans packaging ourselves into the attractive highly skilled, good looking, intelligent and adequately qualified individual we are, why then would we let some half rated, broke ass, unprincipled, non focused, lazy person come over and claim us for a fraction of our worth?

It is well known that the manufacturers of the Mercedes Benz do very little marketing and advertising of their vehicles yet, it remains one of the highest priced and most sought after brands of all time.

Likewise the Ferrari

Likewise the Porsch or Bentley.

These are brands that no poor or common person will deceive himself that he can buy. And you must be ready to work really hard and earn high to be able to afford them. Otherwise, you borrow,  steal or save up to come up with the cash!

But switch on your TV at any time and you will be faced with unending ads of the much lesser brands that is affordable by all and sundry regardless of your budget.

When someone or a brand  has become highly valuable and desirable only those that know it’s worth and value will crave it. And they will do all that they can to be able to aquire it. But this would only happen because the brand has determinedly and intentionally placed itself as the brand of value and worth and made itself attractive only to the audience and market it desires to reach and please – and not offering itself indiscriminately to the general public and audience.

We have to really start to place higher values on ourselves and credit ourselves with higher self worth because the way we present ourselves is the way we.will be approached.

However, we must ensure that the brand we are presenting also has valuable packaging and content.

No one wants to a pay a high price for a brand only to unwrap it and find it worthless and undeserving of its high price tag.

But at the same time, no one will place much value on something that came so easily and so cheaply.




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