Don’t allow yourself to become a space filler and number builder.

If you’re in a group but you are not being treated as a vital or relevant member, then you have to ask yourself what exactly you are doing in that group. Cos the time you are spending there, doing almost nothing, you are not growing as a person and you can spend that valuable time doing something else more productive and rewarding.

How often do you see premiership footballers sitting on the bench throughout the season looking on and applauding their teammates playing, scoring and being celebrated week after week?

Rather than waste your time as a useless, tolerated backbencher, find yourself another group where your talents, contributions and availability will be appreciated and optimally utilised.

Don’t remain where you are simply tolerated. Or used simply as a prop to make up the number and fill empty spaces.
Put yourself in a place where you will be relevant and celebrated. Don’t allow yourself to be treated like you’re worthless and invaluable.
It is true that no one is indispensable.

But a bigger truth is everyone has their own value and worth.


April 2016

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