Thought for today:
To all babes and chicks playing Night (and day) nurse to a man who consistently shows you that his doesn’t want commitment.
Stop cooking orisirisi meals for him mostly out of your own pocket.
Stop paying his phone bills and his Road Tax.
Stop being his booty-call side chick.
Stop showering him with expensive presents and cash. Are you his mother??
It doesn’t show you are caring – just desperately desperate.

Let him properly earn the right to these things by making you his wife.
Spend your hard earned money on yourself and let him spend his money on you instead.

If you’re not “the one” nothing you do will make him change his mind. He will simply string you along till something better comes by. And it will only end in tears for you as it almost always has done.

And do not perform wifely duties for a man that is not your husband.  You are a good specie of Gods creation…. and nothing good comes free, cheap or easy.

Before a worker gets paid, he must first work hard and earn his wage. Let that man earn your loyalty, devotion and hard work.

Stop spending your money and your body on that bloke and ask yourself “Has he earned it? Just what has he done for me that I am rewarding him for? Am I getting from him, as much as I am giving? “If he leaves me today, what am I going to miss about him; is that thing really worth all my effort?

Answer these questions truthfully and honesty and then let your head decide.


Remember – you are more valuable than you think.


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