Just Musings…Life’s Choices

I remember a post from 3 years ago, when I reached my golden milestone, and was taking a serious look at my life….

The wrong choices, relationships, commitments, partnerships, acquaintances, unions, etc can have seriously negative impacts on your life and if care is not taken, they can completely and irrevocably derail your destiny.

Many people are existing in positions far below their potentials, wasting away on minimum productivity and annoyingly low paid jobs – when they are meant to be highflyers! They are living as the tail when God made them to be the head, toiling under some tiresome supervisor or manager – when they are meant to be heads and leaders! All as a result of seriously wrong choices & terribly wrong decisions….

My own wrong choices set my life back by about 30 years. But thank God for his mercy, I believe things are getting right back on track🙏🏽

Let us advise our kids well. It is not about when you marry. But how well you do.

Good afternoon.

One more thing…

There comes a time or times in your life that you step out, set yourself some difficult tasks & challenges. Then you sit back and do yourself proud as you go on and conquer them

How to Overcome Challenges and Obstacles:

1 Move with Positive Thinkers….

2 Go Back to Your Roots. Rediscover your childhood dreams and work towards making them come true…

3 Don’t Give Up, Keep Trying…

4 Change Your Thoughts–Meditate on the Right Things. …Positivity

5 Change your Perception Towards Challenges. … They are not meant to break you but strengthen you

6 Do not Overwork Yourself–Outsource, delegate. …

7 Make Tenacity your Friend….

8 Never take NO for an answer

9 Develop the habit of giving back. It will always ….come back to you
10 Above all: Think BIG!


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