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I was having a chat with some Bros I met while out on errands the other day and the conversation veered towards Facebook – as you do.  All I asked Bros was “Are you on Facebook” – wrong move. For Bros decided to proceed into a long rant on the cons… and cons of Facebook

Face book is bad

Facebook is evil

Facebook is for prostitutes

Facebook is for gossip

Facebook is for corrupt politicians

Facebook is for con-men Pastors

Facebook is for home wreckers

Facebook is for picking up women

Facebook is for women looking for men

I have never been on Facebook

I can never go on Facebook

On and on Bros continued!!!




By the time Bros finished his tirade, I was losing the will to live!

I couldn’t help but conclude that bros must have had a terrible experience on Facebook. Because for someone who claimed he had never been on it, he sure did know a lot about what people do on it!


But there are many folks out there like Bros.

My question is if Bros had never been on Facebook, just how exactly did Bros know what people put on or do on Facebook?

My guess is either Bros has tried some/all of the mago-mago he listed above.

He’s either tried to pick up some babe well out of his league and had had the shock of his life with the 22″ nail hammered into his skull

Or he is one of those that incessantly post the annoyingly irritating “hello” in women’s inbox and he’s received curses and abuse in return

Or Bros posted some love note in some married woman’s box and the entire content had been posted on the lady’s wall for the entire world to see – including Bros’s wife.

Or he has chatted with a chick who’s turned out to be either his daughter or niece!!


I always say to folks “what you go a-finding on social media, is what you shall find”


Personally, I find Facebook one of the greatest and most intelligent inventions of modern times – after the internet, mobile phone and computer of course.


I have had major doors of opportunities opened to me via Facebook

I have met the most fabulous friends and strong contacts on Facebook

Without Facebook, I probably won’t have either of my businesses and resurrecting my Media career probably would never have happened without Facebook

Facebook has personally been an invaluable tool for self-branding and self marketing

II have been able to reconnect with long lost friends on Facebook – including my primary school sweetheart! 🙂

Most of all, it is a great tool for Evangelism.


Like the UK benefits and housing system, there will be many who will abuse this wonderful medium and turn it into a tool for evil doings and gross misbehavior.

True, you do encounter one nuisance, or more – from time to time, but you also encounter those off Facebook. And anyone who would misbehave on Facebook, will also misbehave everywhere else available.

Many London folks have turned Facebook into a weapon of conflict. Many feuds are played out publicly on the pages of Facebook with those involved exposing each other’s deepest most hidden secrets. And many who have suffered break ups or problems in their relationships have unbelievably resorted to Facebook to settle scores.

Facebook is where many folks find out their partner has been cheating on them. Others simply break up with their partner on their Facebook page. When your partner changes their relationship status to “single” that means they no longer consider themselves in a relationship – with you!

You won’t believe the laughs I have on Facebook on a daily basis. Which means if you are on Facebook, you can never experience depression – or loneliness. There’s more than enough to keep anyone entertained and amused. But you can also pick up items of information or education that you probably would never have had access to.

Facebook is where many London folks pick up news from home. And it is a perfect way for sharing and exchanging pictures with family and friends and letting them know how you are getting on or what you are up to.

And then, there are the numerous stories of love found on Facebook. Many have started relationships on Facebook from chatting and them meeting up off Facebook before the connections develop into full blown relationships. Many weddings in London are between couples that met on Facebook and a great number of people in relationship actually met on Facebook. Although, one can’t rule out folks who are already in relationships or even married who trawl Facebook to pick up partners for extra marital affairs.

Facebook has all manner of folks and strokes with many London celerities arising from being popular on Facebook. But quite a number of folks who have serious and meaningful stuff to write or comment about, do daily dish out wonderful commentaries and articles on subjects ranging from Politics to Sports to Fashion and even Faith. These have lots of followers who daily look out for their next serving.

Facebook is at its most interesting following football matches of the big London clubs like Chelsea or Arsenal. A day that these two have played matches can be some of the best days with the crazy banter that pass between the fans on Facebook. Some of them will make you howl with mad laughter. In fact, I’m laughing thinking of some of them right now!

In my case, my foray into writing and blogging started on Facebook. It was my write-ups that brought me to the attention of Mr Seye Kehinde, Publisher City people Magazine. And one of my mentors advised me to start my personal blog – and I have been doing both for almost a year now


I must confess, I sometimes prefer the time I spend on Facebook to going out – the time I spend CREATING, CONSUMING & COMMUNICATING (Borrowed from Dr Dayo Olomu) All three bring me great fulfilment and satisfaction and I will never say anything to the contrary.

At the end of the day, one will always find whatever one looks for on Facebook. If its gossip and mischief, you will fing plenty. But if it’s serious networking and contacts or friendship, you will find those also. But by my observation, those that complain about Facebook like Bros above, are those that have gone looking for mischief and have had their fingers seriously burned.

But for folks like me, Facebook is an integral part of our daily life. Its is my office and my playground. It is my library and research resource. It is my market place and meeting place.


I have often wondered, what will someone like me do if ever Facebook was discontinued?

TThe thought alone, is frightening 🙂

And how did we ever survive before Facebook?  


Facebook and all the other social mediums have become invaluable tools of living and major parts of our lives.




Long live Facebook!

Thank God for Zukerberg!!

Jummy Ariyo

September 2015

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