That is the figure being claimed by Rihanna’s father (random) that Kanye West spends every single day on having his hair clipped and shaved to the precise parameters expected of a world-conquering rapper, philosopher, Kardashian in-law and president-in-waiting.


Rihanna’s dad Ronald Fenty, who accompanied his daughter when she toured alongside Mr West in 2010, has told Heat magazine that Kanye “gets a haircut every day… he pays his barber US$500 a time. I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look.”


This jaw-dropping bill is, no doubt, influenced by the fact that Kanye only trusts one man with the clippers – Ibn Jasper, who has been responsible for that fresh look for two decades, and whom the superstar persuaded to move to New York from his native Chicago, after poor Kanye had been spotted often in an “orange hat”.

“Whenever he was (pictured) wearing that orange hat, it meant he’d gotten a f**ked up cut in NYC,” Ibn has previously revealed. “He asked me to move to NYC and I told him, ‘When you can pay me what I make in the shop, then I’ll move.’”

This barber’s bill tots up to more than a quarter of a million dollars annually, which is small clippings when measured against Kanye’s estimated fortune of $150m.

sultan of brunei

The Sultan of Brunei – no orange hat problems for him

But it is dwarfed by the coiffure expenses of another gentleman dedicated to grooming, the Sultan of Brunei, who regularly pays for his favourite stylist, one Ken Modestou, to fly to southeast Asia from his salon at London’s Dorchester Hotel, in first class, every few weeks for a trim. All-in price of such attention to detail… $23,000. A snip.

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