Hayden Godfrey (pictured, right) handed out more than 800 carnations to every girl at his high school in UtahA 17-year-old student had more than 800 Valentines this year after he handed out carnations to every single girl at his high school.

Hayden Godfrey saved for a year and a half to pay $450 for 900 carnations from an online wholesaler,

To save for the gesture, Hayden took all kinds of jobs to earn money.

First  worked as a cook at a McDonald’s. Then he washed dishes at a Mexican restaurant.

For the last 10 months, he’s been a bagger at a grocery store.

After scraping and saving every penny he could, on Thursday, he loaded up a van with 900 carnations he had ordered three weeks in advance and handed the flowers out to 834 girls at his school.

His girlfriend of six month, 18-year-old Lilyan Sharp, said Hayden’s gesture was very special to her.

‘I, myself, spent a lot of Valentine’s Days not receiving anything. I know how it feels,’ she told ABC News.

Administrators at Sky View High School in Utah helped Hayden pull off his plan to give every girl a special Valentine’s day.

Hayden got the idea after he saw girls in middle school who didn't have anything on Valentine's Day
Finally he loaded up the flowers in to a van on Thursday and drove them to school where he handed them out

Principal Curt Hanks gave Hayden a headcount of female students at the school and arranged for him and his friends to interrupt the last classes of the day to pass them out.

‘I think that he’s an amazing kid,’

‘I’m speechless at his actions,’ Hanks told ABC News.

Hayden handed carnations to 834 girls with the help of volunteers.

Erin Godfrey, Hayden’s mother, said when Hayden first got the idea after seeing girls in middle school who didn’t have a Valentine.

‘That broke his heart on Valentine’s Day. He wanted every girl to feel joy,’ she said.

And it’s clear Hayden’s classmates were grateful for his big-hearted gesture.

‘I got a lot of ‘thank yous’ that day. It was really cool.

‘I don’t think anything can compare to seeing every girl in your life holding a flower as they walk through the halls,’ Hayden said.

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