A Labour councillor has been suspended after allegedly calling gay pride marchers paedophiles.

Chika Amadi, a councillor on Harrow Council, reportedly posted a tweet responding to a story from Christian news website LifeSiteNews, which claimed a little girl covered her eyes upon seeing naked men at Toronto’s Gay Pride march in 2011.

Amadi’s tweet, which has since been deleted, reportedly said of the article: ‘Nothing but paedophilia being labelled liberalism adults polluting children with their senselessness.’

When she was called out on her comments, Amadi responded with a series of tweets laden with religious messages.

Evil. If you dare walk naked in front of my child God will give you terrible assignment that will put you to perpetual sleep. Be warned 

Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm for whoever touches me touches the apple of God’s eyes. God of Elijah is still my God


If you come against me with your wicked plot I will come against you in the name of the Lord of Host. The God that kills and makes a life.


Ian Dylan Thomas and Sarah Kerton, co-chairs of the Labour Campaign for LGBT rights, said of the tweets: ‘LGBT Labour has been in contact with the Labour party today calling for the immediate suspension of Cllr Chika Amadi pending an investigation in to her online actions.

‘We would also call upon Harrow Council Labour Group to suspend Cllr Chika Amadi and for her to be reported to the Standards Committee.’

A Labour spokesperson said: ‘Chika Amadi has been suspended from the Labour Party pending an investigation.’


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