For many years, with the advent of the selfie pics that many now seem to be kings and queens of – celebrity and ordinary people alike, the pout was the essential ingredient to taking the perfect selfie.

Also known as the duck face, the pout had many pictures with pursued lips an image that constantly assaulted us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But it would seem that celebrities have now come up with an alternative to the Pout. The Fish Gape is the new selfie craze taking Hollywood and the modelling world by storm.

But what exactly is a fish gape?

Well, according to the Daily Mail, who came up with the very clever title, it involves a semi-pout and having your cheeks slightly sucked in.They reckon it’s the new technique and a fancy way of enhancing your lips and making your face appear slimmer.

Sounds like hard work, right?

We’ve established that ‘squinching’ is the new ‘smizing’, but is the ‘fish gape’ the new ‘duck face’? Apparently this new posing technique is the sultriest way to enhance your lips and make your face appear slimmer. The likes of Michelle Keegan, Victoria Beckham and even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have officially given up the old art of pouting and moved on to the new face craze.Rosie Huntington-Whiteley adds a slight eye squint to get the most from the look [Wenn]

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Pros at the pose include Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Perrie Edwards. In these examples note how they semi-pout with marginally parted lips and their cheeks slightly sucked in.

Sure, it’s the subtle sister of the duck face (and much more sophisticated) but it’s heavily contrived nonetheless. It goes hand in hand with squinching – as Rosie demonstrates with her purposefully narrowed eyes achieved by tightening her lower eyelid – but the fish gape is mainly about the lower half of the face.

The latest advancement in strategic picture-taking is squinching, or narrowing the eyes by tightening your lower eyelid and letting the top one drop down just a bit. This definition comes by way of portrait photographer and squinching pioneer Peter Hurley via Who What Wear, who recently decided to reexamine the trend (which had its initial heyday in 2013), by having their editors test it out. Hurley believes that squinching is the easiest, most effective way to convey confidence and add definition to the face — almost like a more sultry alternative to smizing.

Hurley insists that it’s a technique executed by supermodels and celebrities alike, and after scrolling through Instagram, you can’t help but agree. Take Karlie Kloss for example, who at Tuesday night’s Paper Towns premiere, showed off her propensity for a professional squinch.

And while most celebs have mastered the art of pouting, this particular pose requires lips to be partially separated too.

Sometimes,  a slight eye squint can also work wonders.

Ellie Goulding, Abbey Clancy, Miley Cyrus and even Mollie King, have already been getting their gape on.

And to think Kim Kardashian spent so long mastering the duck face…

Im off to start practicing my fish gape. Where’s my mirror…..?

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