Learn To Calm Down. Life Is Too Short

It doesn’t matter how much you hate an issue, as long as the imperfect humanity exists, there will always be wrong & imperfection:

●It doesn’t matter that you hate cheating, people will always cheat
●It doesn’t matter that you hate corruption, it ain’t stopping soon
●It doesn’t matter that you hate “side chicks” – they have always been, they still exist and they will always exist (Calm down farabale. Father Abraham had one, and brother Jacob had 12 children from 2 wives & 2 side chicks!)
●It doesn’t matter that we must all die, yet we are afraid of death and saddened when it occurs
●It doesn’t matter that we all know right from wrong, yet we mostly choose to do the wrong things
●It doesn’t matter that God hates sin – yet we ALL sin – Pastors, their spouses, Deacons, church members and other faith adherents too.

People carry too much stress on their heads for what they cannot change. Live your life and do the best YOU can do. Take care of yourself, love your family and serve God.

Aiye o le. Life is too short.