I’m just watching tonight’s episodes of Emmerdale on ITV and I can’t help saying over and over again “Good for you, serves you right”

A few years ago, this character called Rhona was living with Marlon and they were pregnant. But she had an affair with Marlon’s best friend Paddy and before you can say “Bed”, she had left Marlon and moved in with Paddy to whom she is now married.

Fast forward a few years later, Laurel, another lady in the village who was married to the Vicar, started to have an affair with Marlon (yes) and guess what – rather than try and dissuade her and make her see the error of her ways, Rhona consistently pressurized Laurel to leave her husband because “if she was in love with someone else, then she just has to be with them” making her feel it was wrong to remain married to her husband even though Laurel was terribly conflicted and half willing to make her marriage work !! So Laurel left Ashley, married Marlon, became an alcoholic and Marlon kicked her out. Luckily, Ashley took her back and they are now reconciled.

In a strange twist of this tale however, a few weeks ago, Rhona’s own husband (Paddy – remember?) started an adulterous affair with her son’s married school teacher, Tess, who was also a friend of the family (Haha!!)
Tess was a devilish, manipulative, bunny boiling little Jezebel, who decided to “confide” in – and seek advice (?) from Rhona about the affair she was having with a married man she had fallen in love with. She said she was ready to leave her own husband to run away with her “lover” but he was feeling guilty about his own wife because they had a young kid with special needs and were also in the process of trying to adopt another one ( actually, that is quite true)

Emmerdale: Paddy dumps Tess - will she turn bunny boiler and tell Rhona everything? Rhona and Paddy with scorned woman Tess – Credit ITV

But in a sweet twist of fate, Rhona – the “relationship counsellor” in her usual “know it all” manner, blissfully unaware that the married lover is actually her own husband, adviced Tess to go after him if he is what she wanted. “Don’t think about anyone else but your own happiness”, she said. “If he is what you want, then you should make sure you have him”, she insisted….. “The poor cow (wife) will soon get over it and move on”, she said!

And the rest you can guess.
But unfortunately Tess was run over and killed right after storming out following a row she had with Paddy when he rightly turned her down.

Overwhelmed with grief and shame, Paddy finally came clean to Rhona about the affair.

Imagine her face when she realised the “lover” Tess spoke about was actually her own husband!!!

Many of us busy body women who will not mind our own business, “helping” others leave their husbands and implicating ourselves in the break up of other people’s marriages or relationships, might one day find out that when we throw stones in the market, it might actually hit and injure someone close to us. No matter what our friends might be going through in their relationship the most that should come from us is our “Aawws” and “Eeyaas” and “Oh dears” with our shoulders to cry on and the odd cups of tea or glass of wine. But we really should keep our counsels to ourselves and not put ourselves in the middle of other people’s marital woes. many women facing issues in their marriages are already emotionally weakened and not  always able to make correct  and logical decisions and when another man is involved, they might just be experiencing a temporary attack of lust or infatuation which will simply fade leaving their head clear and eyes wide open again.

But when or if they confide in you as a friend, your job is to soothe and comfort, and simply listen to them. With time, they will make the best decision for and by themselves. What you mustn’t do is push, encourage, bully or even blackmail them into making any decision.

Marriage is sacrosanct and is a God established institution between a man and his wife. If any of the two should ever decide to leave the marriage, let it be their decision and theirs alone. But keep your long nose out of that decision.

What God has joined together, no man must separate. There are serious judgments and penalties reserved for such persons.

What we show, we really will reap.
What goes around, comes around.

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