Life After Otunba Femi: I am Happy And Have Moved On

Toyin Akinwole, the lady at the centre of the devilish act of blackmail and fraud at the hands of the scammer and blackmailer Otunba Femi Adesanya is now living a new life back in her US base of Atlanta.

Toyin who was scammed out of a total of N71m by Otunba aided by her former friend Sherifat and Alufa Shehu, a fake muslin cleric, also unfortunately lost her nursing agency to her former husband. However, she was awarded the ownership of the Ijebu Ode mansion acquired by Shehu from the proceeds of his evil scam.

She was not able to retrieve all of the funds fraudulently stolen from her, but she managed to get a substantial fraction back in cash. She will also be in the position to get more from the proceeds of the sale of Shehu’s house.

But life couldnt be any sweeter for the Toyin who is now settled with a new business and is now putting the entire ugly episode behind her following the sentencing of Adesanya to 21 years in prison by the Lagos State Special Offences court on Wednesday.

This will sound as a warning to all women to be really careful of the friends they keep and the company they associate with.

But a stronger warning has been sent to all wanna be fraudsters who take advantage of women. The days of free loaders and lady-killers are coming to an end in Nigeria.

Hope Otunba’s disgrace will teach his colleagues a strong lesson