A London man is facing multiple counts of libel, slander and defamation of character charges in a case brought by a well known Nigerian businessman Hakeem Adetoro and his wife Banke.

London based Nigerian Moshood Odeyemi Bakray aka Infinity allegedly unleashed a five year barrage of verbal harassment and intimidation on the couple eliciting the assistance of several social commentators and bloggers such as Ireland based Esabod as well as other individuals to support his sustained attacks on the couple.

These went on the offensive with their own special brand of character assassination and defaming articles and video blogs aimed against the Adetoros on social media and other public platforms.

Recently however, many of them had a change of heart and turned against Infinity himself. This change of heart is mainly what has led to the many Esabod viral Facebook video blogs of which Infinity had become the subject of.

After this change of heart, Infinity allegedly decided to take matters in his own hands and continue his offensive against the couple in his own fashion. To this end, he recorded a 2 hour long Facebook video dishing out slanderous statements and utterances against the Adetoros.

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Reaching the end of his tether and unable to get Infinity to cease his activities, Adetoro decided to seek legal advice and the involvement of the police.

Incidentally both men have also been unwittingly implicated in a series of sexual abuse video that recently went viral on social media in which some ladies were seen being subjected to all forms of sexual degradation and molestation.

While the identities of the men in the video are yet to be confirmed, some persons are making assumptions regarding the identities.

While this blogger has not and deliberately refrained from watching the highly repulsive video according to its description by many who have, the  highly disgusting acts performed on the ladies in the video can only be imagined by a deeply depraved mind. Many I have spoken to, are still questioning if the ladies themselves were willing participants in the orgy or simply victims of drugging.

The videos has since been passed on the the metropolitan Police and is currently a subject of police investigation for possible sex crimes.

However, Hakeem Adetoro has personally released a public declaration exonerating himself from participating in the sick video. In the statement he said ” I have enormous respect with love for women. I have never and will never be part of such demeaning and absurd devilish act”


This blogger had a brief chat with Hakeem this morning during which he said that part of Infinity’s threats against him had been to ensure that he destroys the name and reputation of Hakeem Adetoro and he has kept to his word in doing all he can to carry out his threats. He however strongly denied any involvement or participation in the video. But also expressed doubt that Infinity could have been involved.

He said that the past few years have been hard for him and his wife and the prolonged victimisation by Infinity has had a terrible effect on him and his business.

The real origin of the feud between the two men has not been revealed to this blogger and I have not been able to reach Infinity to hear his side of the story but needless to say that it had gotten so bad between the two as to end up in a criminal court with Infinity being the defendant.

The first court appearance is slated for April






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