London’s Knife Crime: I Will Always Keep My Son’s Memory Alive – Yemi Aderemi

These are the heart wrentching words of knife crime activist Yemi Aderemi whose son Andre was brutally murdered 4 years ago.

On the 16th of August 2016, Mr Aderemi, then, 19, was chased around the Monks Hill estate by four men and stabbed 26 times in broad daylight. His killers were sentenced to jail for life following their trial at the Old Bailey in 2017.

Speaking on the anniversary of Andres chilling murder, Yemi said ” We as a family were robbed of someone so special to us all. Andre had the most amazing personality and character any parent could ask for”.

Yemi is now an avid anti knife crime activist working through the Croydon based organisation “Your City Says No” She has appeared on several Radio & TV stations and regularly gives talks in schools advising youths against the dangers of carrying knives. She also supports other bereaved mums of knife crime victims and organisations campaigning against knives and gangs.

Her latest initiative is fundraising to support the purchase of Public Access Bleed Kits. The campaign “An Angel Gained in August’ – Public Access Bleed Kits Campaign” is being carried out in Andres memory. The kits are specially designed for catastrophic bleeds, they contain patches with special valves to help inflate the lungs and bandages that help to clot the blood plus much more. And according to Yemi, they could have helped save Andre’s life if they had been available when he was attacked, but they can help keep more victims of stabbings alive.

Yemi’s campaign aims to raise £5,000 which can purchase 50 kits that will be put out in the public and potentially save 50 lives.

Asked what her motive for the fundraiser was, Yemi responded “I don’t do what I do for likes, fame or money- I do it to save OUR children, no amount of money could save me from the pain of losing my Son Andre”.

“I will always keep his memory alive…..he had a gift with dealing children which is why he is so missed by everyone young and old who came into contact with him…. I miss and love you always Andre 💗

Yemi’s campaign has so far raised enough money to buy over 40 Bleeds Kits which she says “is more than I ever could have imagined at the start of this Campaign”

The campaign aims to raise its target of £5,000 by the end of August.

Donations can be made to this fundraiser at: