This is the unexpected declaration made by popular UK based female entertainer during a chat with Baroness J.

Bunmi West aka Bunmi Apanishile is one of the most loved female celebrities in the UK. Her weird and wacky sense of humour make many tend to not want to take her very seriously but Bunmi West is a shrewd woman who knows exactly what she is doing and where she is going.

It took me a while to warm up to Bunmi West. For years, knew her only from a distance, but once I got close, I found a highly likeable, courteous, hardworking and surprisingly vulnerable woman. But do not be deceived by this. It is only her niceness that makes her ulnerable – but she is also one tough cookie who can be as hard as nails when necessary.


This hardness wasn’t always part of her make-up. Bunmi confessed that her husband did everything for her while he was alive. She described him as a nice guy for whom nothing was too much or too hard and she depended on him completely.

But when he died suddenly on the 11th of April 2011 from a late diagnosed cancer, her world fell apart.

But she quickly had to grow up and put it all back again. With two sons; one of them a special needs child, she had to toughen up her act and get on with her life.

She also hinted that her change of staus helped sharpen her sense of humour. According to her, it was humour that has helped her get through some of the most testing times of the past four years and although her late husband’s passing is still quite raw and painful, she is learning to cope with life as a widow and as s single woman after 21 years of marriage, by learning to laugh at herself!

And four years on, Bunmi West MC is one of the most prolific female entertainers in the UK Nigerian Community. This unstoppable woman works as a Kiddies Entertainer, Events Host, Comedian and Event Planner. She is also one of the top Alaga Igbeyawo (Traditional Engagement Host) in the country.

While she didnt say anything about her current romance life, she is not ruling out finding love again at the right time and if the right man came along.

In four years, her dedication, excellence and hardwork has earned her many awards and special recognitions by many organisations. In 2014, she was rcognised as one of 100 Outstanding Nigerians in the UK in 100 years and is a Finalist in the 2015 Nigerian Events Awards UK.

And for this celebrity that is constantly reinventing and rebranding herself, we can certainly expect to see new and bigger things from Bunmi West MC in the next four years and even beyond.

April 2014

Also published in City People Magazine 27/04/15 edition

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