Available does not always mean suitable

If like me, you have been married but are now divorced, it is quite possibly because your union was never God-ordained and you made a ghastly mistake in your choice of spouse. Simple.

Because if it was God-ordained, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING would be (have been) able to break you apart. Even though the wildest storms, and with all kinds of highs & lows, you will still find a way to stay together.

Many people married their true friends and soul mates, God-ordained and heaven-sent partners.

Others married their worst nightmare. Enemies in the guise of a lover. Demons from the very pit of hell. And their homes are a constant battlefield. Like hell on earth🔥🔥🔥

People they should never have had a drink with – talk less of sharing a bed or a home! There is a reason why we each have our types – but we often tend to overlook this very vital factor. And this is not just about how they look or speak…

Parents and those of us from the older generation must please advise our young ones. Marriage is not about how you feel “down there” or about how tall and smooth and how beautiful they are.
It is not about family connections or career prospects.
It is not about kitchen or bedroom prowess
It is not about material wealth or financial attraction.

It is not even about making you laugh. If you need a good laugh, attend one of the shows of our talented comedians Akpos UK or MC Mark

Marriage is about your life and placing it in the hands of someone who should be able to lay down theirs for it.

Someone whose greatest mission in life is to see you contented, celebrated, progressing in life, successful and untouched by anything that can upset you or make you cry

Sadly, the mission of many toxic spouses is the exact opposite. Many “spouses” go to bed dreaming up schemes, and wake up planning ways to ruin the day for their partner – EVERY DAY!

Unfortunately, such people do not carry a label of their real nature or character on their foreheads and they can be excellent at hiding their true colours from prospective partners.

Many partners only realise the horrible choice they have made AFTER the wedding! When it is too late to unmake the unfortunate choice or undo the ghastly mistake.

Such persons can only be revealed by Divine Revelation – before you join yourself to them. By wholeheartedly and genuinely through prayers, seeking the face of God and his will for your life, acknowledging Him as the author of marriage and the giver of Godly marriage partners, and by letting Him direct your choices.
When you do all these, you will never go wrong in a marriage.

The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it – EXCEPT GOD!

Many people, even if still living together as husband and wife, are constantly at war, living together as sworn enemies or strangers – because they failed to seek the will of God…and instead, listened to parents, friends or their genitals!

YES! Even parents can get it wrong sometimes. “Marry that boy. I know his parents. His father was my senior in school…..” But they do not know the boy himself, and such naive parental advice has landed many children in trouble!

Many demons are walking in our midst in human clothing and with human faces. Many families do have them, and they know them. But outsiders don’t☹

Unfortunately, so many people did not have the benefit of this knowledge. And without the benefit of Godly counsel before they made this delicate life choice, have paid huge prices for this. And it is also the reason we have so many divorces today. Even in the church.
But we can save our kids this unnecessary heartache by giving them frank advice guidance and counsel.

It will also help if parents do not pressurise our kids into a hasty marriage. We must let them settle down mentally and only make the commitment when they are emotionally ready and mature for the role of husband or wife. maturity is not determined by age. Therefore, that a girl is 25 or even 30 does not mean she is ready to settle down and bear the heavy load of marriage. And this lack of maturity can also lead many to jump at a proposal from the most unsuitable candidate without carrying out a proper study and analysis of the nature and character of the person they have promised to get married to.

That someone is available, does not make them suitable. The devil himself can appear in the guise of the holiest angel.

©Baroness J


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