1 Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade

 Theodora is a founding member of the UK Nollywood Industry. She started her career as a Ben TV Presenter before verging off to the movies.

Inn 2013 she was made the Queen of Uk Nollywood. She has appeared in and produced many movies including the mega blockbuster Shameful Deceit whose Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square was a massive sellout

She is a multi award winner including won Nollywoods favourite actress , Rising star and best producer awards.



2.Helen Gold Osabutey

Helen is Producer and star of  the highly successful movie 18 Carat Mama for which she won  BEFFTA Best Actress Award in 2014. In 2015 she won Best Actress BEFFTA AWARD, Best Supporting Actress BEFFTA AWARD, Best Actress CA AWARD, Nominated Best Supporting Actress in ZAFFA AWARD all For her sterling performance in MURDERER IN-LAW. She is currently appearing in the TV Drama “Housewives and Girlfriends”

3. Tolulope Yesufu

She is one of Nollywood Uk’s most prolific and in demand stars. She won best supporting actress for her role in as well as best producer of Multi award winning Murderer in Law. She’s also appeared in 18 Carat Mama and Basira In London, Enchained and currently in the TV series “Housewives and Girlfriends”






4.Toyin Moore

Toyin is a multi Award winning Nollywood Uk Actress, Producer and Director who has worked on and appeared in movies such as Home Abroad, Enchained Captivated, Blood Type, Tales of Women etc.



5. Nnena Ani

Nnenna Ani is a Nollywood newcomer who has quickly made her mark by appearing in a number of  big UK Nollywood movies including “Oga Detective” and “Silent Journey”. She also stars in the TV Drama series “Housewives and Girlfriends”. Last year she won  BEFFTA and AMA Best Actress Awards.


6. Marie Gomez

This young but hugely talented actress has stared in several big UK Nollywood productions including “Shameful Deceit”,”Murderer In Law” “London Na Wa! and “Hunting 4 Hubbies”. Marie Gomez won best newcomer for her sterling performance in Shameful deceit.

7 Roseline Sanni Ajose

.roseline sanni

Roseline has appeared in “Shameful Deceit” Captivated and “Labo” which she produced. A multi award winner from various organisations such as GAB Awards, BEFTTA, AMA and the High Commission, Roseline quit her day job as a nurse to pursue her acting ambitions and has since become a major UK Nollywood player.

8 Phillipa Abraham

Phillipa is the producer of the comedy “Basira In London” whose London Premiere was a complete “Sold out” event occupying 6 Theatres at the Greenwich Odeon. “Basira in London” won 2015 Best Film award with Phillipa winning Best Producer at the African Film Awards



9 Fatima Jabbe

who is originally from the Gambia, is another UK Nollywood Gig Girl. With movies such as “Battered” and “Mirror Boy” to her credit, she has also won several awards.

10 Gift Boyo



started her acting career right from Nigeria and she got right back on the scene here in UK on the advent of Nollywood UK. The talented actress who is also a gifted poet, has appeared in movies such as Murderer in Law.






















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