Nigeria’s new radio station for women and their families – VFM 91.7 – has unveiled the faces of its core on-air personalities.

Presenting the fresh and talented broadcasters at a Press Conference in Lagos, Toun Okewale revealed that the quartet of Abiola Grace, Funmi Jinadu, Bolatito Bez Idakula and Chinedu Faith Nwagha had been selected from over 5000 candidates that showed interest in working with the organisation

The thorough and painstaking selection process had veterans like Femi Sowoolu and Seuni Olagunju on it’s panel.

According to Mrs Okewale, “What we are serving the listening public are the best of our bests,” she said.

Though WFM 91.7 prides itself as an ‘unapologetically for women’ radio station, she reiterated that “it is not just about women or straight-jacketed tailored for women; it is a radio station for women, the men in their lives and for the whole family. The station will cover and discuss every aspect of our lives, be it sports, business, politics, governance, economy, health, family, relationship issues, youth etc.

“However, all these issues will be presented from the women perspective. How we (women) see it.

“Though we are licensed for women, WFM 91.7 will also cater for the men and the family by engaging on issues of local, national and international importance for all. It will operate 24 hours of talk and less music. The station will address everyday issues for women and their families. It will be a reliable, leading and trusted source for all related news, information and matters of interests for women and their families.”

The station commences live broadcast on the 1st October 2015

Jummy Ariyo

September 2015

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