Joan Omolara Sanyaolu a British Entrepreneur and Business Woman who has been specialising in the Catering & Hospitality Industry for over 35 years .

She is the founder of A TASTE OF AFRIKA – a project aimed at promoting the taste of African’s Rich Heritage Food Art Culture Fashion and Music. We aim to unravel the taste of afrika treasures by showcasing its wealth” says the shy Londoner .

Joan takes inspiration from the taste of African’s Rich Heritage and this, is what “A taste of afrika” is dedicated to promoting.
When asked what she expects to achieve at the end of the project, she said “We are committed in bringing people from all backgrounds to experience the Best of African and to embrace it. It’s about showcasing a wealth of information for both Africans and Non Africans alike . A taste of afrika will shine spotlight on the current trends, best brands on African Food! Arts! Culture ! Fashion! Music!



l am always so excited about promoting Africa’s Rich Heritage , our Culture, Fashion and Music .
This is why I was at “Africa At Spitafields” May Bank Holiday to display my new range of Ankara print fashion designs.  l was also at the Historic Romford Market !
Our plan is to take “A Taste of afrika” to other local London communities and markets showcasing all things Africa Fashion ! Food ! Music ! Art ! Culture



Baronessj asked Joan just how she arrived at this commendable initiative and she said
“I loved baking as a child and I turned my passion into a business called Jo’Ella Cakes .
My interest and dedication to children caused me to start the Jo’Ella Baking Academy which was launched in 2015 to enrich children and youths through The Joy Of Baking” .

“Also in 2015”, she continued, “l launched 9jaBites Cooking School this was for the world to taste and experience the beautiful and rich array of culinary delights coming out of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 9jaBites provides both catering services for both private individuals and events too”


“Taste of afrika, is my new venture, and the icing on the cake”

Asked if she made the fabulous designs showcased at the market herself, she replied “I source them from Nigeria !

However, I sometimes sketch the designs and then give them to my stylist to make. I’m a very creative person. I Love art and I took Art as a subject in school.

I also love fashion and I adore the African Ankara prints. I have a special passion for the vibrant colours and flamboyancy of Ankara designs and these sometimes inspire my design sketches

I have however bought myself a sewing machine and am now taking lessons!

Find out about more the taste of Africa pop up events from  





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