Meet Young Black Student Who Went From Being A Misunderstood Dyslexic To Doctorate Student

Shaheim Ogbomo-Harmitt is a black dyslexic Caribbean young man who against all odd, overcame early life limitations and struggles to become a top biomedical engineering student.

He attended a non-selective state school in south London and was faced with a plethora of hardships during his time at university. He encountered problems such as being misrepresented, misunderstood as well as struggling with imposter syndrome.

And all these struggles he combined with rigorous studies as a science student and working a part-time job (for more than 15 hours a week) to support himself.

However, with the support of family and friends, the brilliant and focused young scientist was able to graduate from King’s College London with a first-class degree in Biomedical Engineering and a mark of 87 for his final year project!

Aside being a top student, he was also fully involved in social activities while an undergraduate student. Shaiem was the Vice President and Social Secretary of the Engineering Society while at Kings College London. He was a Participant of the Black Googler’s Network Hackathon 2019 and he acted as Student Liaison for the London Young Professional committee.

He was an active member of the KCL Afro Caribbean Society and participated in various internship programmes while still a student.

Now, he is looking forward to starting a fully funded MRes and PhD in the application of machine learning within Biomedicine for the next 4 years at King’s College London.

Shaheim hopes his story can provide some inspiration to all the misrepresented people of colour who believe they cannot prosper academically.