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Many of my followers have often asked me about my beauty regimen and how I manage to keep what they refer to as my “youthful looks”.

I am a firm believer in the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What some might consider beautiful to others might just be plain and ordinary. But I believe that in my case, being blessed with a massive dollop of good genes and a mother who instilled in me from the age of 12 how important facial care is has been my secret. My mother handed me my first bottle of Oil of Olay at the age of 14 – and I haven’t looked at another facial moisturiser since.

Since I discovered make up as a teenager, I have dabbled in all of the fad make up products – Fashion Fair, Cover Girl, Mary Kay etc – but none of them, as fabulous as they all are, have I found as perfect for my skin as MAC Cosmetics products

mac milk of magnesia

I am a religious believer in the new make up miracle primer – Milk of Magnesium. It was introduced to me by one of my make up artist friends. Strange, I know – but it works. Seeing the magical effect after it was first used on my face, I got home and bought the biggest bottle. Now,  I do not wear make up without it. It keeps your make up looking fresh all day and eliminates shine. Used under your foundation, it acts as a base that provides a matte, smooth, lightened, glowy effect and gives the professional appearance when used properly.

I prefer to use a darker shade of foundation and then set with a lighter powder shade. This prevents the  pale look that you get from some pictures due to the effects of camera flashes

mac eye MAC1231-2

I don’t particularly like a lot of colours on my face so I go for either the smoky eyes look or just go for shades of brown. I choose a darker blusher shade but I quite like loud lip colours such as reds or dark pink.

mac-lady-danger-ruby-woo-russian-red-comparisson mac-blot-review-pan-open

The Superdrug Tea Tree products were introduced to me by my sister over 10 years ago. Although, I prefer the St Ives facial scrub because of the feeling of total cleanliness and freshness it gives me. I however use it along with the Tea Tree facial wash and cleanser. The spot stick is excellent for those occasional acne. Just a dab and the spot dries up overnight.
And of course, I have graduated to the Olay Regenerist for older women – perfect for women over 40.

Lastly, no respectful make up case if ever complete without a set of quality make up brushes.

The absence of these can really mar and ruin your make up. With them, you can apply and blend your make up correctly.

You really do not need a big bag full  of every product on sale. Just the basics will do and if you can invest a few quids on a make up lesson session, you should be able to fix your own make up – perfectly without having to dish out a lot of money  to a make up artist every weekend.

Jummy Ariyo (BaronessJ)

August 2015



Olajummy  Truly BaronessJ

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