An Irish National of Nigerian origin, Adeyinka Okin, mother of five, who travelled weekly from London to Waterford, Ireland to claim over ‎€5, 300 in social welfare payments, was blasted by a judge for her actions; including leaving her council house in the city idle in the midst of a homeless crisis; Waterford News & Star reports.

Adeyinka Okin of 34, The Close, Kill St Laurence, Waterford, pleaded guilty to 20 count charge of theft relating to social welfare payments.

”It could have been used by those who needed accommodation. What she did was dishonest to the extreme. she deprived other families in need of accommodation she vacated.” Judge Alice Doyle said at Waterford Circuit Appeal Court.

Detective Garda Kevin Hefferman narrated how Customs in the UK became suspicious when Okin travelled total of 17 weekly-14 hour-return journeys from Victoria Station London to Waterford with an empty suitcase.

The trip began on August 7, 2015 until November 27, 2015, the day of her arrest.

Okin was receiving Supplementary welfare Allowance of €335 at Ballytruckle Post Office. The total amount owed the Department was ‎€5, 360.

The Police said Okin was shocked when she was arrested but very co-operative. She pleaded guilty to all charges but later lodged an appeal.

State Solicitor said Okin was handed down a total of 19 months in prison at Waterford District Court.

The Judge allowed appeal in full provided the bail money of €6, 400 was used to pay back what she owed the State.

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