Ondo State Lunches Amotekun In Very Bright Colours

Ondo state becomes the first Yoruba state to launch the Amotekun Security Corps.
The Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, inaugurated the Ondo State Security Network Agency, code-named Operation Amotekun.Operation Amotekun is also known as the Western Nigeria Security Network, a security operation based in all the six states of the South Western, Nigeria, responsible for curbing insecurity in the region.
While I fully understand the need of state and regional security forces especially in the face of the terror posed by marauding fulani herdsmen, kidnappers, armed robbers, hijackers and of course Boko Haram, and the seemingly paraplegic Nigerian Police very obvious inability to curb these activities or safeguard the safety and security of the people. What I do not comprehend however, is the choise of garish ritualistic red uniform or the army general outfit donned by the Governor.As for those medals – I thought they were dully earned on fields of war, and not by sitting in a cushy, plush air conditioned office….AnywayNeedless to say that I do hold Ogbeni Rotimi Akeredolu in very high esteem, but I believe our statesmen need to take advise and consultation from more refined and exposed sources…..Congratulations nevertheless.