Our Leaders’ And Experts’ Hypocrisy Is Out Of This World

I was listening to a commentator on TV yesterday saying “many so called experts who constantly bleat on about global warming spend most of their time on planes. Flying across the world and racking up enormous amounts of carbon footprints”.

London mayor is blindly charging Londoners congestion charge ostensibly to reduce carbon monoxide emissions in the capital – yet it has been revealed that both him and his team have racked up enough miles to fly to the moon and back in just 2 years of being Mayor.

It now seems that hypocrisy in high places and among the so called experts is at an all time high and perpetrators dont bother to do much to conceal their “don’t do as I do, do as I say” behaviours.

Recently, it was reported that over 3.7 million UK kids (one of the alleged most developed countries in the world🤐) are living in abject poverty. Yet our Tory prime minister can be heard gloating at every opportunity how her government – more than any before her in decades, has brought unemployment to it’s most lowest. (Won’t that be the parents of the same kids living in poverty…?🤨)

Nowadays, we seem to live in a world where leaders & experts blatantly & openly lie, make up numbers, fiddle figures and invent facts to fit in with their own chosen narrative and suit their own pleasure – while expecting the populace to toe a different, more punishing line…

Social Welfare benefits that previously helped the unemployed, many in low paid jobs and those unable to work to get by, has been more or less obliterated under Theresa May’s government. How many times have we read of mums of young children being unable to feed their kids or pay their energy bills due to their low income and almost non existent supplementary benefits. Or famulues living off food banks.

We also read with horror, of sick people such as stage 4 cancer patients and quadraplegics being forced to attend meetings to prove their inability to work by Theresa May’s HMRC staff.

When the PM postulates and beats her chest about her fake unemployment figures, what she leaves out is that many employed people today, are on what we call “gig jobs” or “zero contract hours” as it is more commonly known. In this type of employment, you are classed as employed but you could find yourself waiting for weeks or even months before you actually work. And you only get paid for the work you do.

Meanwhile, while you are waiting for a shift, the bills or rent are not stopped or put on hold. They have to be paid. And if you havent got the means to pay, the arrears pile up and many find themselves in serioys debt this way.

On the other hand, there are many others such as health care or support workers who work long 11 hours a day shifts, 4 of 5 days a week on very little above the minimum wage, who have to take up other work elsewhere on their few days off simply to supplement their meagre salary in order to make ends meet.

One of the conservatives election manifesto was “Making Work Pay” But what do you say to millions of Brits who work very long hours with very little to show for it….. or those allegedly employed but with no work…and no pay?

And several of those actually working, have not seen a meaningful pay increase in years. But rents, gas, electric, petrol, congestion charge, council tax, travel cards broadband, mobile phone, road tax, insurance premiums etc etc increase in the UK every single year and any pay increase is immediately swallowed up by ever increasing expenses.

But hold on

In this same Britain, MPs have their fat, self-set salaries and allowances increased every single year. A typical MPs expenses alone dwarfs the annual salary of most Londoners and households!

See what your MPs claimed in expenses in 2018

A story recently appeared in the newspapers of how MPs fought hard and almost succeeded in suppresing the revealing of another set of embarassing expenses claims scandal.

MPs who are elected to serve the people, have their accomodation paid by taxpayers (the people) yet, grant themselves remunerations that most of those people who elected them can only dream of. And then they submit claims on personal frivolous and mickey taking items such as champagne lunches, flowers and tampons!!!

All these in the same country where a single mum will be prosecuted and hounded day and night by bailiffs for missing a couple of council tax payments….

And this is just the UK.
Don’t get me started on the US….Or Nigeria!!!



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