The pro-masses #OurMumuDonDo Movement has concluded arrangements to hold a nationwide topless protest rally against the poor living conditions of the Nigerian masses and the indifference of political leaders to the plight of the common man.

This was announced in a statement signed by Mr. Adebayo Raphael, the movement’s Publicity Secretary. According to the group, the main protest march will hold in Lagos on June 12. The march, said the statement, will begin at 8 a.m. from the Third Mainland Bridge.

Participants, except females, are required to appear topless with inscriptions of their most harrowing predicament on their placards or chests.

Female participants are simply required to carry placards indicating what they are going through as it relates to the aim of the march.

The group said it was compelled to opt for a topless protest march because of the alarming dip in the standard of living among Nigerians.

“The quality of life of the Nigerian people has been demoted to a pitiable and decrepit state by criminal politicians and insatiable looters of the wealth of the common man. The shared humanity of the Nigerian people has been eternally ridiculed by national miscreants in positions of power. The thieving class in power has denied the Nigerian people of quality life through their endless plundering of national wealth. We know our silence has enabled corruption and impunity in governance but we will no longer sit and watch while our lives and future is looted by the sons and daughters of Jezebel in power,” said #OurMumuDonDo.

The movement explained that generations of Nigerians have been repeatedly dispossessed by members of the political class through unfulfilled promises. It added that the masses have come to realize that the continued stay of the current political class in power will spell doom for the country’s most vulnerable citizens. The group warned that the masses will no longer be deceived by the age-old tactic of using religion and ethnicity to prevent the masses from forging of a common front against exploitation.

“This battle is a battle between good and evil; a battle between the oppressors and the oppressed; a battle between the forgotten men and women in the slums who cannot afford one meal per day and the voraciously greedy looters looting mindlessly in positions of power,” said the movement.

It called on all suffering Nigerians to flood the streets on June 12 to express their anger and frustrations. #OurMumuDonDo described the march as the first of its kind in the country, saying it is one that will bring the decrepitude of the common man into sharp focus.

“The era of sitting and doing nothing has passed. Before we all die of hunger, we will flood the streets and demand good governance. Before we all die in perpetual penury and discomfort impressed on us by the thieving and looting political oppressors, we will march to express our discomfort and fight against our common enemy,” the group added.

To attain a better quality of life for all, the group called on all Nigerians come out and express their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and displeasure with failed promises made by the same crop of leaders. It called on Nigerians to stop glorifying criminality and demonizing nationalism.

“The time to fight for the survival of the suffering man and woman in Nigeria has arrived. There shall be no going back because every suffering Nigerian must speak up this time,” the group urged.


A women’s movement in Uganda organised a similar march in 2012 to protest against police brutality and molestation of women.

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