A picture purportedly showing justice fugitive and former Nigerian Petroleum Minister Allison Madueke as a seriously ill cancer patient has been released and has gone viral on social media .

Madueke fled to the UK  earlier this year following the coming in to power of President Muhammad  Buhari. She is believed to have fled to avoid questioning and possible trial on gross embezzlement of billions of Nigerian Naira being proceeds of  oil sale and to give account on huge sums of money that went missing from the Nigerian  National  Petroleum Company (NNPC) account during her tenure.

Recently it also emerged she had been under investigation by the British authorities and was taken in for questioning by the National Crime Unit offices on money laundering offenses last month.

Over the months however she has continuously claimed to have been diagnosed with breast cancer and is in the UK to receive treatment.

It is pertinent to mention however that it has not been confirmed if the picture in question is indeed of Mrs Madueke neither has the source of the picture been verified but it is rumoured to have come from sources very close to the former Minister.

Nevertheless, one can’t help but wonder at the timing of the release of these picture which looks very suspicious and highly questionable and one can only conclude that the only goal is to whip up public sentiment and pity.

Is there no lengths these people won’t go to to avoid justice???

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