Police Humiliate Black NHS Worker Falsely Accused Of Having Drugs In Her Bag After Asking For Refund On Purchased Goods

It took the amazing number of 6 hefty police officers to arrest, handcuff and pin to the floor a black woman whose only offence was to dare to approach a jewellery store for a refund on returned goods.

The yet to be identified NHS worker went to ask for a refund for some item previously purchased from a jewel store in Borehamwood, North London but the unscrupulous store owner unwilling to part with his money and oblige the customer’s statutory rights, instead resorted to using the police to teach her a lesson and came up with the preposterous allegation of her having drugs on her possession.

And our brave officers from the “institutionalized racist” Metropolitan Police arrived in a large number as shown in the footage, and without as much as questioning the lady, proceeded to arrest her by throwing her on the ground, indecently exposing her legs and underwear.

This is just the latest in the growing line of horrible treatments being metted out by racist white Britons using an equally biased police force to humiliate black people in the city.

Just a couple of weeks ago, top civil servant Andrea Charles Fidelis who was out jogging near her home was arrested by police officers after being called by a white member of the public who suspected she was a car thief.

And recently, Olympic sprinter Bianca Williams accused the Metropolitan Police of racial profiling after she and her partner were stopped and literally dragged out of their Mercedes Benz and searched.

Then there is the incident of black Labour MP Dawn Butler who was racially profiled and pulled over while driving around East London with a male friend who was also black last Sunday. “Its like you cannot drive around and enjoy a Sunday afternoon whilst black’ said the former Shadow Equalities Minister after what she described as a case of racial profiling. The police claimed they were searching the area because of “gang and knife crime”


One question – when is Cressida Dick going to call her officers to order?



Man Kills NHS Worker Wife Then Commits Suicide

2 young kids have been left orphaned after their father killed his wife, an NHS worker and then killed himself.

Details of the story are as yet unavailable but according to the comments posted on social media, the couple had a stormy relationship with a history of domestic violence.