Eritrean men ordered to marry two wives or risk jail.

This statement is what human rights activists have posted on social media as an alleged controversial law by the Eritrean government. The statement is claiming that the country’s authorities are asking men to marry at least two wives or risk jail.

Allegedly passed via a memo, the government is allegedly citing as justification the dire shortage of men brought about by the county’s war with Ethiopia.

The controversial law is said to be broken down into two parts affecting both men and women in the country.

The Arabic written memo whose authenticity is yet to be proven says

“Based on the law of God in polygamy, and given the circumstances in which the country is experiencing in terms of men shortage, the Eritrean department of Religious Affairs has decided on the following .”

*First that every man shall marry at least two women and the man who refuses to do so shall be subjected to life imprisonment with hard labour.
*The woman who tries to prevent her husband from marrying another wife shall be punished tto life imprisonment”


While this might come as a horrific human rights violation, many Kenyan men greeted the news with frenzied excitement.

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