Popular South African based Nigerian televangelist, Pastor Timothy Omotoso, the General Overseer and Senior Prophet of Jesus Dominion International Church, is in serious trouble over his alleged forceful keeping of 30 underage South African women and young girls The women had been trafficked from various branches of his church to his Umhlanga home in Umhlanga Rocks, Kwa- Zulu-Natal, where he has been sexually exploiting them for years.

Inside sources in the church explained to our correspondent that Omotoso often threatened the girls and women. The Nigerian pastor allegedly molested more than 30 young girls on the pretext of rescuing them from drugs. His method was to tell girls that if they refused to carry out his sexual instructions which he said were to exorcise evil spirit of drugs from them, he would leave scars on their bodies and being a celebrity, foreigner and millionaire, nothing would happen to him. He also threatened the women with curses instead of blessing if they disobey his sexual orders. Out of fear of disobeying a ‘man of God’ they easily obeyed and this has continued for years.


Some of the girls had reportedly dropped out of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, to travelling ith the pastoe while singing for his choir group, known as Simply Christolite.
The source continued “Many women in Jesus Dominion International Church never liked Pastor Omotoso, because whenever we had crusades, the ushers would always come in with the few names of some underage girls and women “specially chosen” by the prophet for spiritual training. The girls and women are lodged in hotel rooms overnight with an instruction that the ‘man of God’ would like to be able to easily reach them after the crusades in case he has divine message for anyone of them.”
But these girls always acted weird and became reclusive, and irascible whenever they returned home.

After much pressure by worried parents of these girls, some of them confessed to their parents how the 58 year old Nigerian pastor has been constantly molesting them and forcing them into sexual orgies. This was reported to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) who broke the allegations to the pulic and to the police.

15 year old Yvonne Pulemi, one of Omotoso’s victims said: ‘Pastor Tim Omotoso said he wanted to exorcise evil spirit of drugs from me in Durban. Since I saw him like my father-figure, I could not disobey him. He placed my hands on his manhood in his room. He ordered me to suck his dick, I did as I was scared. He had sex with me multiple times.”

Another victim, Lauretta Kibaki, 14, girl laments“Prophet Omotoso flew me to Britain, France and Isreal crusades of his church severally. In his presidential hotel suites, he had sex with me for years, promised to take care of me. I am scared of my future honestly.”


Omotoso appeared in court in Port Elizabeth on Friday following his arrest on Thursday. He is facing charges on human trafficking and sexual violence. He’s alleged to have molested and raped at least 30 young women who attended his church.
The National Prosecution Authority (NPA)’s Tshepo Ndwalaza said: “We can confirm as the NPA that indeed Pastor Omotoso has been remanded in custody until 3 May because he wants to apply for bail.” Ndwalaza says there are still a lot of hurdles to get through in the case.
Ndwalaza: “We can also confirm that this is not something that is going to happen quickly. We understand that there’s still a lot of investigation that needs to be done before we start prosecuting.”

This controversial man who claimed he was taught by the Lord to play the piano, the guitar, drums and other musical instruments before the age of 10 and served in the 80s as a music director for Ebenezer Obey’s Decross Band & Inter Reformers’ Band founded a 24-hour satellite TV station: Ancient of Days Broadcasting Network (ADBN), which airs across the Caribbean, Africa, Mexico, Middle East, Europe and United States.

His weekly TV broadcast, ‘Just As I Am’, features music, sermons and miracle sessions and airs across various networks including Inspiration TV, METV and WHT’.

A South African security spokesman Lieutenant- Colonel Robert Netshiunda said the preacher had been charged with human trafficking. “There is a possibility of us adding more charges,” Robert Netshiunda said.
Dube said, “I challenge all honest Nigerian pastors to condemn this. If they don’t, there will be assumptions that they have no problem with this behaviour.”

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