Priest Wearing Facemask Slumps And Dies while Preaching At The Altar (video)

A Catholic priest from Western Cameroon, collapsed and reportedly died at the altar while delivering a sermon.

The shocking incident was filmed on August 30 during a Sunday mass in Deido in the city of Doula.

In the footage, a priest identified as Reverend Father Jude, the spiritual director of the Catholic Men Association, is seen preaching the Homily at the altar while wearing a face mask.

At one point Fr. Jude stops speaking and can be heard breathing heavily on the microphone. His eyes droop, then roll back as he sways on the spot.

The priest then collapses to the floor amid screams from the congregation. Several people rush to his aid.

It is unclear whether the priest had any known health conditions and whether the local authorities are investigating his death.