Doyin Sarah Fagbenro was s bright shinning star who had her entire promising life ahead of her.

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Doyin, a daughter of UK based United Nations Diplomat father and Pharmacist mum,  graduated with a sterling First Degree in Law from the Prestigious Queen Mary’s London University and a Post Graduate program immediately afterwards.

After graduation, two years ago, she elected to take part in the National Youth Service Program in Nigeria but midway through, was headhunted by an Energy Firm and she decided to permanently relocate to Nigeria and she had been living a settled and successful life in Lagos.

But sadly, just a few days ago, on a routine drive to Sunday Church service, she along with 4 other unfortunate victims were mindlessly moved down by a Danfo Driver high on drink and drugs on the Lekki/Ajah Expressway around the Lekki Phase 1 approach. The other victims died on the scene.

Doyin however initially survived the crash was immediately taken to Lagoon Hospital from where she was flown to the UK by Air Ambulance but unfortunately gave up her fight for life a day after arriving back in the country.

Posting on Social Monday on Thursday, her cousin Ken Davidson described Doyin as “considerate till the end”

He added “you touched so many lives in the quarter century, (twenty five years only!) you ran your race on earth. You were considerate to the end so much so that you waited until you got back home – nearer your parents and many siblings – before you finally bade the world Farewell”.

Doyin’s grandmother who recently celebrated her 80th birthday in Nigeria with Doyin in attendance is said to be heartbroken and distraught just as all the other family members. According to family sources, all she has done since the tragic news is repeatedly wail “God Take Me instead, Give My Granddaughter back to Nigeria. Nigeria Needs Her, Her Parents Need her. God Take me. God Take Me.”

As for her parents and siblings, one can simply just imagine the awful pain they will be going through right now.

Doyin will be buried in the UK this weekend at what is to be a “Celebratory Sending Forth”



Rest in Peace, DSF


  1. Really sad..we need to put pressure on our government. People talk about the mega issues and change but no one is talking about the basics. This CHANGE should start with setting basic standards- Health and Safety including Fire-markets and places burning are just regular news item daily, Driving Regulations should be sorted so they become part of our lives. A family was taken out by their driver who was said not to have a driver’s licence only after they were gone,now its a drunk driver. Agreed that accidents are unplanned events but is it forseeable that a drunk driver will have a diminished sense of judgment?

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