We encounter varied levels of ignorance on a daily basis and many of them can be attributed to simple lack of understanding of the subject in question.  However when a public official goes in front of the press to arrogantly and publicly demonstrate their gross ignorance, surely that should warrant immediate dismissal – if only for bringing the office they represent into disrepute.

We couldn’t believe what we were reading when we came across this story of a  Nigerian public official trying to justify their state government’s electricity tax.

Benue State Internal Revenue Service has explained why it receives N50,000 Naira tax yearly for electricity generating sets from private residents and up to N150,000 Naira from business outfits across the state.
Addressing newsmen in Makurdi, the Benue State capital, Terna Francis, the media assistant to Mrs Mimi Orubibi, the Chairman of the board,  said that the tax will be used by government for the “maintenance of the ozone layer” depleted by fumes emitted from the generators.

“When these levies are collected, they are channeled towards the maintenance of the ozone layer to avoid natural disaster”, he ridiculously explained.

When asked about how they intended to carry that out, considering that the ozone layer is a belt of naturally occurring ozone gas that sits about 30 kilometers above the Earth, he declined comment.


My question: how do these folks get employed. ..?


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