Reviewing Nollywood on Netflix: Bling Lagosians

Nollywood’s latest movie uploaded to Netflix – BLING LAGOSIANS is a movie produced by Bolanle Austen-Peters. Featuring a new slimline Elvina Ibru, Toyin Abraham, Gbenga Titiloye, Monalisa Chinda and a host of others, the movie is about the excessive and ostentatious lifestyle of the rich and loaded in Lagos. A story about family loyalties, backbitings, gossip and betrayal with the usual dollop of lust and infidelity.


Beautifully, lavishly & expensively shot on luxurious locations. But lacked any real substance. Plots are weak and underdeveloped. And possessed Nollywood’s weird trait of rushed ending.

Talents of top actors underused and punchlines poorly timed. And why was the glorious Fathia Williams relegated to a mere extra?

Ibru’s glamorous character was more Hollywood wife than Lagos wife.

I enjoyed it but I wanted and expected far more than was dished out.

Seems the best bits ended up on the editing room floor.

More…fur coat, no knickers
Baroness J ratings: ⭐


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