Nail polish technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but the newest invention is something entirely different. Nails Inc’s new Paint Can polish is designed to make application quicker than ever – just apply the base coat and spray your nails using the grafitti-style canister for around 20 seconds, then follow with top coat. Naturally your hands will also end up covered in paint – and lots of it – but once the top coat has dried this can be removed with warm soapy water or even face wipes.

Our verdict? As Vogue deputy beauty editor Lauren Murdoch-Smith says in the December issue, it’s “quick, easy – but most importantly, fun!” The only decision left is whether to opt for silver or pink. See the full All About Evening party make-up feature in December Vogue, out now.

Nails Inc Paint Can is available from November 12, priced at £10.

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