Speculations that Ross Kemp the actor who played iconic Eastenders character Grant Mitchell could be returning to the show was raised yet another bar this morning.

EastEnders Annette Badland, who plays Albert Square’s Aunt Babe, “practically confirmed” the news on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

The 65-year-old was asked if Ross, who played bad boy brother Grant Mitchell in the soap many moons ago, would be making a return to the soap, to which Annette responded: “Well, perhaps Aunt Babe is out there looking for him now.

Annette Badland on Good Morning Britain today.

“You never know.” – Don’t toy with us Annette.

She continued: “But who am I to say? I never tell lies!”

Then GMB host Susanna Reid further riled up ‘Enders fans when she joked: “Well that practically is a confirmation.”

Co-host Kate Garraway replied: “I’m definitely going to bank that as fact!”

So that CONFIRMS it then? Yep, we’ll take that.

Phil and Grant Mitchell in EastEnders circa 1991.

Only last week did Ross get fans quite excited by hinting he could reprise his role as Grant Mitchell in EastEnders.

His return to the square would bring another level of drama to the soap which seems to be enjoying quite a lot of interest recently with th Max Branning trial and the shenannigans at the Queen Vic, and the simmering Ronnie Mitchell, Kim and Vincent Hubbard triangle set to explode any second. It will be recalled that Grant used to be married to Sharon who is now married to his brother Phill with whom she had had an affair. And in a revenge move after the affair was spectacularly revealed during the Sharongate episode, Grant bedded his then brother’s wife Kathy who just returned to the show. The potential storylines from this family alone is guaranteed to keep die hard and long term fans of the show excited and glued to their screens for a long time to come.

The actor retweeted a message sent to ‘Enders Dominic Treadwell-Collins from a fan that asked for Phil Mitchell to be reunited with his brother on the soap.

The message read: “I really hope @dominictv convinces @RossKemp to return to @bbceastenders… I would love to see the Mitchell Brothers back together again.”

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