Hey my London peeps!
Looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained during the next 6 weeks?
Check out these outing in London ideas:

London Eye
The dungeon
Science Museum
London Transport museum
London Zoo
Buckingham Palace
Trafalgar Square

You can also try

Picnic at Hyde park
Madam Tussauds
London Aquarium
Boat ride on the Thames
Bowling, movies,
Ice skating,
Trampoline park,
Go carting
Even Hiking, rides on the tube or bus or cycling 😃😃😃

Many open space venues such as Trafalgar square always have show attractions especially during the summer season. A sight of the City of London and its landmarks viewed from the top deck of a bus can be a wonderful treat for kids who don’t usually venture much out of their neighbourhood except to go to school or church and the occassional birthday parties most certainly driven in the family car

It’s not about you or what you enjoy – it’s about the kids and giving them a nice time during the holidays especially if you are not in a position to take them to Disneyland Paris or Universal studios in Spain or even further afield like California or Florida.

Besides if you don’t take them to see these places or give them these childhood experiences now, they will question you later when they grow up.

I know because I have experienced it🤣

You can find many of these attractions right within the city of London so you will avoid long tiring journeys out of the city. Simply type in the names of the venues in your browser and you should be able to get information on prices and opening times, bookings or availability.

Also some of them can be a bit pricey but many do offer great discounts on family tickets and some are free for children.


Jummy Ariyo

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