Contrary to popular belief, image is not only about appearance or what you wear. Although for anyone in the public eye, this is highly important.

The public (ie those that will spend time to watch or listen to you, spend money to buy your albums or watch your movies, or vote for you) will relate to you, address you and receive you – the way you present yourself. In this day and age of gloss and glamour, appearance goes a long way in determining how fast a politician, artist, actress or media personality and even clergy man becomes a celebrity. People judge you primarily – rightly or wrongly on your external appearance – your outfit, hair grooming, make up, shoes and even hand bag or your car – in some cases.
But if one must be taken seriously – then one must endeavour to present an immaculate, well groomed and elegant public image to one’s audience – especially when one needs to make a good first impression. Afterall, it is said that a first impression goes a long way…..and an impression once formed, can often be difficult to shift. If you for example, are approaching a chain of beauty products for a job as an agent or representative, you do not turn up at a meeting in ragged jeans, unkempt hair, cracked lips and an old sweaty top…..

But image is also about how one is perceived – as well as presented. The Image of a public personality is also just as importantly about how one is seen to live. How one comports one’s self in public. This can include but may not be limited to lifestyle, friends and company one keeps and even some aspects of one’s private life. All these can come under scrutiny when one is in the public eye. A lot of highly talented and well gifted folks pass under the public radar and miss out on well deserved opportunities, recognition and applause simply because they lack the right public image.

Now being in the public eye does not mean one will be liked or even accepted by everyone, NO, not in the least. No matter how much effort one puts in, there will still be some people in certain quarters who will never like or accept you – either because of what you stand for or against or simply because you do not subscribe to their ideas and ideals. However, a well presented public personality will often find that such people are always in the minority and more focus should be placed on pleasing and keeping one’s audience and fans; – those that have already accepted you and on winning over those still in the process of deciding. And maybe along the way, one might be able to change the minds of those that previously rejected you.

At BaronessJ Media, we specialise in Image consultancy services that will assess your current image and advise you on areas that need overhauling. We will also suggest steps you can take to effect the much needed changes that will turn you into your own individual brand and positively market you to your much needed audience.

To find out more about BaronessJ’s Image Consultancy services, drop us an email at or call 07946 126561

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