A police helicopter crew used the aircraft to film a pair of swingers having sex in their garden, a jury has heard.

Serving South Yorkshire Police officers Matthew Lucas, 42, and Lee Walls, 47, retired pilot Malcolm Reeves, 64, and former pilot Matthew Loosemore, 45, are currently on trial.

Prosecutors said two police officers and two pilots who worked for South Yorkshire Police purposefully circled the property as a couple “brazenly put on a show” involving numerous sex acts.

The men, who are facing misconduct in public office charges at Sheffield Crown Court, are also accused of filming naked sunbathers and naturists on a campsite.

“Sex obsessed” air observer Adrian Pogmore, 51, filmed his pals having an eight minute romp on their patio.

Pogmore had already pleaded guilty to the charges after he admitted to arranging for his friends to have sex while the chopper was hovering over so he could film them, Sheffield Crown Court heard today.

The charges relate to four alleged incidents between 2007 and 2012.

Prosecutor Richard Wright, QC, told the jury: “On three separate occasions they filmed a couple having sexual intercourse in their own garden.

“They recorded what they saw using the recording facilities that the helicopter was equipped with.”

The court heard there was “no legitimate reason” for the cops to filming them and “no basis” for flying over people’s homes, selecting them as targets and filming them.

The expensive police helicopter, usually used for capturing fleeing criminals and helping to patrol large groups after football matches, was even flown over a naturist campsite called ‘Candy Farm’.


Pogmore decided to zoom in on a naked couple sat outside their caravan.

A jury were shown footage of a woman being spied on by the same chopper who was sunbathing fully-naked in her private garden with her three daughters all wearing bikinis.

All four were sat in a line on reclined sun loungers.

Mr Wright said: “The camera has a powerful zoom function and the operator used that to zoom in on the naked body of the woman and in particular her genitalia.”

Graphic content was also played to the jury when the same crew spotted a couple having sexual intercourse in their garden in South Yorkshire.

A brunette, who is fully naked, starts touching a man in a ’98 Manchester United home football shirt as she then performs a sex act on the man as a poodle dog sits just a metre away.

The court were told the presence of the chopper spurred the couple on and they “brazenly put on a show” – by performing sexual intercourse in a variety of positions.

As the chopper circles overhead a voice on the radio blurts out: “Looks like we need a four by six inch rolling block” – relating to a stolen motorcycle.

The footage used as evidence in the trial was later found in Pogmore’s desk at a police station.

Mr Wright said the recordings were “not simply the product of one swinging and sexual obsessed air observer Adrian Pogmore but were made with the connivance of the other members of the crew”.

Sheffield Crown Court
The allegations were heard in Sheffield Crown Court (Image: PA)

He said Pogmore, who did not appear in court, had pre-planned the meeting with his “swinging friends” to be hovering over their home at the same moment the couple appeared.

Walls, of Sheffield, denies one count, Loosemore, of Doncaster, South Yorks., denies one count, Reeves denies one count and Lucas, of Sheffield, denies three counts of misconduct relating to watching and filming naked people without their consent and observing and recording people performing sexual acts.
The trial, which is expected to last three weeks, continues.

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