Not long ago, social media was agog with pictures of desperate damsels seeking lonely Johns, unashamedly sending pictures of their boobs and other bits to guys – even total strangers via facebook, whatsapp and BBM.

Much debate has been had at various quarters about the reason or the justification for ladies sending pictures of themselves in the nude to strange men or even their boyfriends. Phones could get lost or picked up by other friends so pictures that were meant for 1 pair of eyes only become public entertainment and in many cases, passed on and on and before you know it, they go viral and anyone can see them.

Who can forget recent cases of those poor women, one of them a Lagos bank manager who for God knows what ever reason, allowed themselves to be videod during s*x with their illicit partners – who turned around and posted the videos on social media after the relationships turned sour.

No level or height of ecstasy should make any woman feel free enough to smile or stare into the lens of any devise phone or camera during s*x. The motive can never be honourable.

However, shockingly, things seem to be turning around and rather than desperate chicks freely sending out nude pics of their boobs, it is now desperate and lonely Johns sending out pics of their littlejohns!!! Like they are telling us what a girl can do, a bloke can do even better

I have heard of no less than 5 cases of friends receiving shockingly outrageous pictures from strangers in London and some of these are married guys. They receive inbox or text messages only to open them and find a fully extended and engorged p***s staring back at them!!!

One of my friends the other day out of exasperation had to post a response on her Facebook wall to this “Luca” from Benin City who had sent her one of these messages. I called her for details and she forwarded me all his lovelorn messages accompanied with pictures of his upright, upstanding bobby!!!! Unfortunately, the message came in while she was sitting with her colleague who saw the offensive picture as she opened the message.

What is it though that makes people send pictures of intimate part of their anatomy to total strangers? Have we become so uninhibited? And what do we know about people we send these images to?

It is risky enough sending your naked body pics to a partner as you never know whose hands the devise an fall into or what they will do with the pictures if the relationship falls apart.

But when you send them to total strangers who have no emotional connection with you, you leave yourself open to even more risky possibilities. A chick once unwittingly sent her picture to a randy old goat she met on Social Media – who turned out to be her dad!!!

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