More often than not, we see bad people go about wrecking, milking, damaging and pillaging nations, leaving the citizens battered and impoverished … because the good ones stand by, do nothing or blame the victims for being too stupid to allow themselves to be so recklessly used. Or for voting them into power to lead them.

Or they join the bad ones in perpetuating their evil enterprise after seeing them become enriched and powerful from their wicked actions and atrocities…

And this also applies in men-women relationships.

Some good men will see ladies that they like. But they are too timid, too afraid and too cowardly to approach them. They sit, or stand by and look, while these ladies are constantly charmed, gaslighted and then left battered, bruised and broken by fast and loose bad boys.

I must hasten to add that not all bad boys treat their woman badly. Some of them go all the way with their women and treat them like Queens.

But the lily-livered “good boys” will remain in their shadows spouting out hypocritical holier-than-thou criticisms against the women and blame them for the actions of their tormentors:

“Serves her right for “running after him”
“Serves her right for not looking at someone like me”
“Women only love money”

.. and such nonsense 🙄

The fact is women will go with someone who approaches, charms and convinces them – even if they are being lied to or deceived. (there is usually no way if telling until it is too late) Many decent women will never chase a man no matter how attracted they are to him. Although the clever ones will give “come and get me” signals and hints, hoping the object of their desire is intelligent enough to decode.

The uninitiated men will look at a woman’s outward appearance such as sense of style, elegance and sophistication, beauty and class and quickly rule themselves out of her league.

Such men will take one look at a woman and make up her mind for her:

“She is too beautiful. Many men will like her”
“She is too successful, she won’t have time for me”
“She frightens men off”

All these without even once approaching and getting to know her, knowing how she feels or even telling her his intentions!!!

And while they are pitifully crying into their glass of Origin, making pathetic excuses on her behalf, awon Yoruba or Igbo d*m*ns have swooped and landed!!!

The Tonto Dikeh case is a very good example. There will most certainly be many seemingly “lower classed” men who will be great for the lady. But insecurity, timidity and inferiority complex will make them stand back and watch the likes of kpopokripohofo destroy and break her.

And of course, many of her critics are – you get it: MEN!

My dear lovely brothers. I beg you. Quit being timid and insecure already.
Man up. Develop your balls. Grow real hairs on your chest and eat proper meat as real men.

Be bold and brave. And nice.

And rescue your sisters out of the hands of Bad Boys!

The world of women wait in hopeful anticipation of the revelation of Good Men.