Kate Moss paid tribute to her late friend David Bowie with a themed party in his honour last night.

The supermodel invited friends including Boy George to her 42nd birthday bash at her Cotswold home.

The pop star revealed a selection of Bowie’s biggest hits were played during the course of the evening.

Boy George wrote on Twitter: “Had a lovely night in the Cotswolds celebrating Kate Moss’s birthday and dancing to classic Bowie. In fact her birthday was a Bowie tribute!”

Music icon Bowie passed away last weekend aged 69 following an 18-month battle with cancer.


Last week Kate was spotted wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with his image and following the sad news of his death she emailed friends saying she wanted to celebrate the legendary singer in style at the party.

Speaking before the party, a source said: “Kate was devastated to hear about David’s death. So guests will channel their inner-Bowie and 80s attire.Kate Moss and David Bowie were close pals.

“She wants the party to be a celebration of his life as well as hers. It’s going to be wild.”


Meanwhile, David Bowie will be honoured at a sold-out concert in London today.

Starman: A celebration of Bowie will take place at the 900-seater Union Chapel and will see 20 performers take to the stage over four hours.

The music icon died last weekend aged 69, following an 18-month battle with cancer.


“The massive response from musicians and from the public has been staggering but not surprising,” event organiser Stefan Simanowitz said.

“The world would be a very different place without David Bowie and many people feel a distinct need to say goodbye to him.


“Today’s event is for everyone whose lives have been touched by his music and is set to be a fitting tribute to a man who has meant so much to so many.”

The event will take place from 5pm to 8.30pm and will open with a mass karoke sing-a-long of Starman.


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