YOU will never believe what women lie about during sex.

When we think of the worst thing a woman could lie about during sex, we would assume it would be whether they’d had an orgasm.

Because, after all, only 20% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration alone and according to a survey by the Daily Star Online 60% of women said they’ve faked an orgasm during sex.

However, a new poll conducted by Direct TV asked 2,000 people what lies were the worst someone could say during sex.

Number one? “I’m on birth control.”

According to the survey, this is the absolute worst lie a woman can tell during sex – rather understandable as lying about this can have some pretty serious consequences (i.e. a child one party isn’t ready for).

This is followed by, “I’m not just looking for sex,” lying about the number of people they’ve slept with and, “you’re the first person I’ve ever done this with.’

Also included in the list were non-sexual lies.

“I always wash my hands after using the bathroom” was considered the worst non-sexual lie followed by “I’ve never smoked” and “Miss you, too”.

The survey also revealed co-workers and family are the people we lie to most, followed by friends and significant others.

Those that do lie to their partners lie on average once per day – and those that live with their partners but aren’t married lie the most.

Meanwhile, further research of 18,000 people found women use the alibi “going out with friends” when they are cheating on their partner.

Two thirds of women use this lie when they are sneaking off for sex, other popular lies include, “I’m taking some me time” or saying something has come up at work.

By Laura Hampson

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