Black men from Nigerian or other parts of Africa, naturally fall in love with, and all the time marry their fellow Black women – and both of them live together – warts and all..
But as soon as some of them set feet in the Western world, suddenly black women that they grew up and went to school with, and have spent most of their life knowing as sisters, mums, cousins, school mates, girlfriends etc – suddenly become unmanageable, impossible and unmarriable.
Black women for them suddenly become vile, untouchable.
You had no problem all your teenage life and as a young man, running after, chasing, toasting and dating black girls in Nigeria – or Africa but on getting to the White mans land – everything white looked better than your kind’s – including the girls. I bet you even hate being black yourself…!

While one can understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and you cannot help whom you fall for – that is in genuine cases, but is that good enough reason to condemn and denounce your black sisters to the world and publicly call them mean and nasty – just so the “others” can accept you into their midst? A good number of whinny wimpy black Nollywood actors make a good example.

I am sick and tired and bored with second rate black men who just because a white chick smiles at them, black women suddenly become evil and hated in comparison.
There are a number of black brothers who are married to caucasian ladies, and even many of our kids that are born, bred and nurtured in the Western world alongside girls from many other races and cultures – so naturally, they will pick from the pool around them – but you won’t hear them talk of black women in negative tones.
Painting black women “black” and portraying them as nasty and troublesome and other negative attributes does not and will never make you white, and you will never really be accepted as one of them. Tolerated, yes – but never fully accepted.
And if you by a stroke of luck, manage to find yourself in Oyinbo land after living and growing up in Naija or Africa, you suddenly realise that white chicks are better than blacks, you have no other problem than that of inferiority complex. The age long slave mentality that white is better and black is bad. Do you for one second believe that white folks with black partners will ever say a single bad thing about their fellow white brethren – just because they are with a black person – from whom the can separate anyday?
Do you think that abusing, disowning or insulting black women will make you appear any less black to white folks, or cause them to fully accept you as one of them?
For when the chips are down, your head will spin with how quickly they will kick you out and slam the door very loudly IN YOUR FACE and replace you with one of their own!


Marry or date whosoever you please, please.

But don’t denigrate your own people in the process. It just makes you look cheap, insecure, inferior and needy.

Jummy Ariyo
September 2015

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