To all my fellow Sistas and Divas
To all hard working & talented women
To Ladies who are secure in themselves
And confident in their own skin
To those who do not see the need to kick their fellow woman in the back
Or climb over their sista to get to the mark
To ladies who are their true sista’s keeper
Not too bitter to celebrate their sistas achievements
Or applaud their sista’s success
Not too envious to rejoice when their sista is promoted
Not jealous of another ladie’s good fortune
Not a sista who suddenly has an idea
When her sista has just launched the same
Nor always waits by the sideline
To shout foul when her sista scores in the game.

To all sistas who have my back
Who smile when I smile
Who laugh when I laugh
Who stroke my ego when I feel low
Who lift me up when Im down to zero.
Who feel my pain
And share my rain
The sista who can dry my tears
With just one beautiful word of cheer.
Who understands my reasons for grafting
And wont diss me for missing
Who know that we can all be weak
But believe though weak, we can be strong
To my sweetness, my sista, my babe
I live you like kilodeee

Didara wa koni baje, iya mi
Oluwa a toju awon omo wa
Ayo wa ko ni d’ibanuje
Nse la ma jeun omo kale
May we all enjoy the fruits of our labour
And be blessed with beautiful men to love us
And you my darling girlfriend
God bless you for loving Olajumoke
May God make me your Sista for life.
And forever keep me in your heart.
Written to Celebrate Women  – International Women’s Day, Women’s History Month and Mother’s Day

March 2015

Picture taken at Baroness J’s Sistas & Divas Evening, CC Lounge. London

December 26th 2014

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