Tube Racist Thug Is Son Of A Wealthy Construction Company Owner

Billy Steele the white yob who was felled and rendered unconscious by 1 single blow from a member of a group he had been abusing and shouting racist insults at on London Underground Central line tube has been revealed as the son of a wealthy construction company owner.In an exclusive report by the Daily Mail today, the 31 year old yob lives in an exclusive and expensive gated community in Mottingham, Southeast London where an apartment sells for up to £320,000.His mum claims her son who works in the family firm S&S Steele Fixing Ltd is remorseful about the entire incident which was captured in a recording which has since gone viral on social media, and has handed himself over to the police.

She However added that he does not want the man who hit him to get into any trouble with the police..

*How magnanimous of him.

You can read the full report in The Mail